Incidents and issues

Two caught with 73kg of hashish in Abu Dhabi Gulf News 2017-08-28

Abu Dhabi Police seized 73 kilograms of hashish and arrested two suspects in a single operation during Ramadan....More

Two arrested in prepaid card fraud Gulf News 2017-08-28

Two Asian men have been arrested by Sharjah Police Criminal and Investigation Department for tampering with prepaid cards of du and etisalat, worth Dh886,395, in order to cheat an investor....More

5 reckless drivers ordered to do community service in UAE Gulf News 2017-08-28

The General Prosecution has handed out community service to five men — four Emiratis and a citizen of another Gulf country — separately on different charges, including reckless driving and endangering their lives and that of other people, a statement said on Thursday....More

Customs inspectors prevent two cases of illegal entry into UAE Gulf News 2017-08-27

The General Administration of Customs — Abu Dhabi has prevented two cases of illegal entry into the UAE, as five people including to truck drivers tried to enter the country without identification papers at the Mezyad Customs Centre....More

Man who tried to rob money exchange arrested Gulf News 2017-08-27

In a statement issued on Saturday, the police said that the Filipino suspect was wearing a mask and armed with pepper spray and a knife...More

Britain’s most wanted tax fugitive arrested in Dubai Gulf News 2017-08-27

One of Britain’s most wanted tax fugitives was arrested in Dubai after he was caught travelling with a fake British passport....More

Eight arrested for possessing drugs Gulf News 2017-08-27

Abu Dhabi Police arrested a group of eight, including three women, for possessing 500 grams of drugs....More

Dubai Police arrest masked thugs who stole Dh3m worth of gold Gulf News 2017-08-27

Quick-footed police have recovered Dh3 million in gold stolen by masked thugs in a daring armed robbery at an International City gold shop last Wednesday....More

Business selling expired meat shuttered in RAK Gulf News 2017-08-27

Police in cooperation with Ras Al Khaimah Municipality have shut down a business alleged to have processed and sold expired meat, said police on Sunday....More


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